About Us

With over 30 years of experience in the accreditation and access control industry for major sporting, government, and security events and conferences;

TT-SEC Global was founded and created ESS (Event Security Solution) to offer a full turnkey solution to venues and organizers that is flexible, affordable, and secure.

With the rise of security threats, whether health, terrorism, or protest-related, it has never been more important to protect the public. TT-SEC Global systems will allow security services and organizers to efficiently manage, monitor, and collect all the necessary data of applicants for any major event.

ESS also allows for the monitoring of movements inside the venue. The system can be tailor-made to be self-managed or as part of a turn-key solution service. ESS is flexible and scalable to accommodate any type of event, making it the ideal solution regardless of the size of the type of event.

Our Vision

Develop and integrate our accreditation solution with suppliers, event organizers, venues, and governments resulting in a simple, easy and user-friendly, integration and application. To bring a new and most useful tool to the event industry that would allow organizers to map and monitor crowd flow. To secure the structures and venues, set up access control that can be linked with the latest technologies such as face recognition and fingerprint scanning to grant access to sensitive areas of the venues. Allowing government security services and organizers the visibility they need to monitor the personnel attending a specific event or venue, see their history of attendance, and a full history of approvals. Giving suppliers a tool to manage their employee’s data to ensure that their documents are always up to date, allowing for an easy and quick submission for event accreditation.

Some of Our Clients